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"I’m not sure I’ve read a more helpful book on how we daughters are shaped by our mother’s love - or unlove - as well as what to do about it. What I am sure about? In these pages you will find hope as well."

Elisa Morgan

Speaker, Author, The Prayer Coin, The Beauty of Broken 

Co-Host, Discover the Word, www.discovertheword.org

President Emerita, MOPS International, www.mops.org


“Shouldn’t this be easier?” That is the big questions when it comes to mother-daughter relationships. But being both a mother and a daughter, my realization is that maybe it should be easier, but it just isn’t. Reading It’s Momplicated has given me keen new insight into not only my own unmet needs, but compassion for a loving mom who tried to meet my spoken – and unspoken – needs. Another great benefit of reading Debbie and Joan’s excellent book is the insight it’s given me into understanding and connecting with my adult daughter in the ways that she needs a mom – and always will. An excellent, healing and most of all freeing read. Highly recommended.​

Kathi Lipp

Speaker and Best Selling Author of The Husband Project and Clutter Free


 “If your relationship with your mother is complex, problematical, difficult, and full of twists and turns, don’t miss this book!  Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay have combined their stories and their wisdom to help you understand the past, identify thorny issues, and lead you to right choices that will bring understanding, healing, and a deeper connection with God.  This is a must-read book and is an important resource for individuals, counselors, and Christian leaders.  I highly recommend It’s Momplicated!

Carol Kent

Speaker and Author

He Holds My Hand:  Experiencing God’s Presence & Protection


It’s Momplicated is a skilled, well laid out blend of the spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects to understanding the influence of this primary relationship between moms and daughters.It provides a respectful, substantial structure for exploration of both the gifts and pain of this relationship and charts an informed course for healing and celebration. As a mom and daughter, I found it personally and  profoundly transformative in one reading, but I know I will revisit it time and time again. As a clinician, I can see this being a great therapeutic intervention with those struggling to have healthy relationships. This is not just a book for moms and daughters, but for all wanting to understand how our earliest relationships are impacting how we relate to others now, and a way to remove the obstacles that often get in the way of relationships being all they can be.

Mary Jean Walton, MA, LMFT

Executive Director of the Christian Counseling Center, San Jose, California.


Alsdorf, founder of Design4Living Ministries, teams up with marriage and family therapist Edwards Kay in this compassionate exploration of the relationships between mothers and daughters. Looking at both their own lives and the anonymous case studies of others, the authors interweave self-assessments, personal stories, and prayers to encourage readers to identify and reflect on past traumas that might still require healing. Close attention is paid to early childhood attachment styles and their potential effects on a woman’s behaviors, choices, and feelings later in life. The authors also encourage readers to look beyond early negative experiences and to place them in a context of larger meaning, and provide a six-step approach to changing false beliefs and unhealthy patterns: pray, identify core lies, explore their impact, apply God’s truth, acknowledge the good, and live out of one’s spirit-led self. With gentleness and acuity, Alsdorf and Edwards Kay provide insight to Christian women looking to turn past tribulations and pain into redemption and peace . 

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